E-Commerce is Our Heritage

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Shopping Cart Integrations

At Helios Payments, e-commerce is our heritage. Our management team has founded and operated several multi-million dollar
e-commerce businesses since the late 90’s. In developing Helios Payments, we selected the banks and platforms best suited for
e-commerce businesses. Today, our payment platforms support a wide array of certified shopping carts being used by successful
e-commerce businesses today.


Love Your Cart, but Hate Your Rate?

With Helios Payments, you can keep your existing shopping cart while saving money with a new merchant account. Helios Payments merchant accounts integrate with most shopping carts, contact us today to see if yours qualifies.

Prevent and Fight Chargebacks

As an e-commerce merchant, you are exposed to more risk of ‘friendly fraud’ than a brick and mortar store. In today’s digital world, it is all too common for a consumer to chargeback their online purchase with their bank, keeping the product for free and leaving the merchant with a hefty chargeback fee. As a Helios Payments merchant, you will be armed with the latest tools to fight ‘friendly fraud’, so you can keep more of your hard-earned money. Fight and prevent chargebacks with our chargeback representment services; establish proof that the customer made the transaction with 3D Secure authentication and go home victorious.


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