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Reduce Cost and Risk with 3D Secure Transactions

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What is 3D Secure?

Chargebacks are a serious problem - not just for merchants, but also for banks and the major card brands. 3DS is a global security protocol created by the card networks to prevent unauthorized card not present transactions and protect merchants from exposure to fraud. Our 3DS technology passes the authentication information to the card holder's bank, verifying that the cardholder is in possession of the card and making the transaction. When a transaction is authenticated with 3DS, it limits the card holders capacity to submit a chargeback to their bank.

Reduce Chargebacks with 3D Secure

A chargeback can not only cost you the sale, but also fees (generally $25-45 per chargeback). The more chargebacks you have, the more you put your merchant account at risk for termination. Chargebacks happen after a transaction has been authorized. As a result, fraud prevention tools cannot stop so-called 'friendly fraud' - a driver of many chargebacks for e-commerce merchants. Our 3DS Solution offers protection even in these situations.

Save Money with Lower Interchange Rates

Banks see 3DS authenticated transactions as inherently lower risk. As a result, verified transactions can qualify for a lower interchange fee. Save 5 to 30 basis points on qualified transactions and see noticeable impact to your bottom line.

Easy Integration

Integrating 3DS with your website is quick and easy. Our 3DS solution uses a Javascript in your webpage to pass authentication information to the card holders bank. No complicated back end scripting or API integrations are needed.

  • Quick integration - copy and paste a few lines of code into your website
  • Get insight with Reporting and Analytics
  • Our 3DS solution is 'frictionless' and has no impact on the customer experience

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